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      Personal Commitment to the get the Job done Right

      I have known Dale for many years. He is active in my community and coached both of my son's soccer teams. He was wonderful with my boys, teaching teamwork and fairness along with soccer skills.

      Various types of Gutter Guards

      Dale discussed the pros and cons of various types of gutter guards so that we could choose and option that would work best for our situation.

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    Windstorm Tore off some Siding

    After a windstorm tore off some siding from my house, a representative from the siding company that the property manager had recommended came out to assess the damage, gave me an exorbitant quote, and told me that they could start the repair work in four weeks or so.

    After a second windstorm tore off most of the rest of the siding from that side of the house, I called Dale. He immediately sent out a crew to put up a tarp so that I wouldn't incur any additional damage.

    Dale worked with the adjuster to secure a fair settlement from the insurance company. The new siding was installed promptly and with care, which minimized my anxiety during an otherwise stressful time.

    It was a real pleasure to work with Dale. And the next time that a windstorm passes through and tears off some old siding, I will call Dale first!

    From: Denise Clare